How to Overcome the Fear Factor in Network Marketing

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How to Overcome the Fear Factor in Network Marketing

It is extremely common to experience fear when we take a chance to enter in an unfamiliar territory or put ourselves into a world in a new way. To summarize, we are afraid of change, despite the fact that change is inevitable. The Network marketing industry isn’t any different when you decide to get in; you are planning for a change in your life. Network marketing is a completely different profession you are trying. Many of the networkers  are victim’s of fear, even the seasoned ones (I still get jitters occasionally). Very often in this business, this fear keeps us from moving ahead with our lives or in business. To overcome the fear, feel the fear and do it anyways.

In the true sense, FEAR stands for False Evidence Appear Real. When we allow fear to control us; we choose the path that is the most comfortable. Majority of the successful people who have conquered the fear did take the action, knowing the presence of fear all the time. They decided to tame the fear to open opportunities for themselves.

What steps can you  take in order to tame the fear?

  • Whenever you find yourself with fearful, make a determination if the fear is for real in essence is there any real danger, or just a mental state of you feeling  What  can possibly go wrong if you decide to take action in the presence of fear, and will your situation change if you continue to stay as is? Now consider or imagine what best can happen with actions and without action. I doubt if anything, better can come without any action. You can verify three different results for yourself: status quo, best case, worst case.

When you apply the above rule, you will overcome any fear, very specifically in the networking industry.

In this industry, we understand there are two categories of fears that are genuine and the rest is mere excuses.

  1. Fear of Failure: Many times people in network marketing quit due to the fear of failure. They may have experienced the failure for themselves, or someone might have shared their or third person’s experience with them. In network marketing people are afraid of the end result. If it is going to be negative, or afraid of the consequences it can bring you socially. Enough trust and belief has to be built in this business.

Action: To overcome this fear, begin with an end in mind first. Focus on results what can you achieve in your Network marketing business. Find someone in your field who is successful, if possible in your organization and follow that person. You will find a lot of success in the network marketing industry today to help you to develop a mental image of success. Develop a winning attitude by educating yourself with success principles and mental attitude.

Famous quote: Howard Stern

“I still feel like I gotta prove something. There are a lot of people hoping I fail. But I like that. I need to be hated”.

  1. Fear of Rejection: This is another common fear factor, in the industry, and the majority of us do not like to take “No” as a final answer. Rejection often triggers painful emotional doubts about our own competence and self-worth, so we either try to avoid it, mostly or pretend that it didn’t matter.Accepting frequent rejection, however,  is not an easy process – for experience Networker or newbies – and many of us handle it poorly. When this happens repeatedly, it often leads to two types of patterns in your business: discouragement and/or quitting  the opportunity.

Action: Take a more constructive approach, and remember that rejection can be beneficial: It can force us to come up with better strategies, redirect us to different paths, and keep us humble and open to learning. We shall also learn not to take the rejection personally. You expose the opportunity, and someone states no, don’t make a big deal; that someone is rejecting the opportunity and not you, move on to the next person your opportunity could be just what they have been looking for .

The above action(s) as suggested will assist you to overcome your fear. You will encounter all sorts of real and imagined obstacles that will get in your way. Be courageous, and keep working despite rejections, to mold your life into the way you always wanted it.


Author: Rah Sheen

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